Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hanna!

I hope you have a wonderful day, sweetie! My dear breadmaker! I hope you enjoy this tiny, lil bday blurbski...;)

Happy Happy Birthday! :):):)



Alice watched him quietly for several minutes as he futzed with the ingredients, but the mess kept getting bigger. She kept trying to chew the smile off her lips, because if she didn't get it under control, she was going to bust out laughing.

"Shit!" Jasper swore, a flour mushroom cloud erupting in his face. Wiping his already-caked hands over the apron he'd put on, he tried to clear some of the powder from his eyes, only to get egg and butter in them.


That was all the restraint she had. Her normal trill of giggles announced her and he spun to face her. "Aww, dammit!"

"I love you for trying, baby," she said with a smile, approaching the culinary disaster. "As much as I would have loved to try your ... cooking, I think we can just pop down to Bella's place and share an apple pancake, yeah?"

His lower lip jutted out in defeat. "I wanted to ... do something special for your birthday," he whispered. Then he sneezed, more of the pancake mix flying around like ash. "It's the first since we got together."

She felt that tug in her belly, the one she felt since the day she met him, and she grinned wide. "Jasper, there will be plenty of opportunity," she assured him.

Reaching behind him, she grabbed his bare ass and squeezed. "Besides, seeing you in just an apron, covered in ... ingredients—" she giggled, "—was better than the pancakes could have ever been."

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  1. Shalu! Pretty, pretty Shalu, I adore these words you gave to me :).

    This Jasper is just perfect and I vant to snuggle him to death!